Bye-Bye, Facebook?


As I’m sure many of you know, Facebook has once again changed the way we receive posts from pages that we like.

In a nutshell – we don’t.

This not only affects those of us who have professional/business pages, it also means that consumers/fans miss out on a lot of cool, important info.

As a reader, I like my favorite authors’ pages because I want to be kept in the know. If there’s a new release, cover reveal, contest, giveaway, etc., I want to know about it! As a parent raising two kids on a single-income budget, coupons, sales, and specials are a way of life for me. I don’t have time to check the websites of my favorite places to shop, so I’ve come to rely on Facebook pages to let me know when certain companies are having sales on clothes, shoes, groceries, and the like. Unfortunately, it looks as if I’ll have to find a different way to garner this information…and so will you.

As an author, I use Facebook as my main social website. In the past seven months, I’ve seen a decline in the number of people I reach with my posts – people who have liked my page and want the information. Therefore, I have made the decision to start using my newsletter and blog for important information, giveaways, contests, and sales.

My newsletter goes out once or twice a month. I do NOT share email addresses with anyone or use them for anything other than the newsletter. I’ve been thinking of fun things to add including a Birthday Club, special discounts and exclusive contests, opportunities to be included in my books, inside information on release dates and promos, a Beta Readers Club, special prizes, and much more. There will be many ways to get great goodies as my newsletter will be the ONLY place they are offered (and those goodies also include free books from other authors!). I will no longer offer ANY of these on Facebook or any other social network. In other words, if you want to be included in the awesome chances to come, you will have to sign up for the newsletter.

I know it might sound like blackmail. Trust me, it isn’t. I WANT to be able to offer prizes and exclusives to those who support me. I LOVE being able to share information, giveaways, coupons, and other opportunities with my fans. The bottom line is that it makes no sense for me to do this on Facebook anymore because so many aren’t seeing my posts. The only definite way I can think of to reach everyone is through my newsletter. I will use my blog for updates and such BUT the members who receive my newsletter will always be the FIRST to know and will be the ONLY ones who are offered any goodies, contests, giveaways, and wonderful exclusives.

So, what do you think? Is an email from me once or twice a month worth the chance to get wonderful shiny things and bunches more? If you think so, then please sign up to receive my newsletter below. The next one goes out mid-April and trust me, you DON’T want to miss it!!!

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Free Books are the Devil!

You heard me right.

On any given day there are thousands of free books listed on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Smashwords… It’s enough to make an author who is trying to eke out a meager living by actually SELLING books break down in tears. Writers give away books for several reasons: They want to get noticed. They are hoping if a reader downloads a freebie and actually READS it, they will be tempted to maybe BUY a book from them. They want to rise up in their respective categories on Amazon. Yada, yada, yada. Personally, I am sick of it. I’m not the only one, either. Google “free books” and see how many other authors are ticked off over this ridiculous trend. Here is a blog post (one of many you will find on this subject) from author Rich Meyer you can read right now.

Yes, readers WILL download your free book. They will add it to the infinite pile they have amassed on their e-readers; perhaps the novel you spent MONTHS opening a vein and bleeding over will be number 345 (or higher). They will then promptly forget about it. You may garner a review or two if you’re lucky. You might even make three sales! That rise to the top of the Amazon charts will disappear faster than a fart in the wind. And yet, there are writers who believe this is a fair trade for giving away 1000+ copies of their book. Really? Just how many limbs did you hit when you fell out of the Stupid tree?

I can see some authors shaking their heads right now. Well, let me enlighten you a bit more. I can’t count how many readers have messaged me and asked when my books will be free. I bet if you ask around, you will find other authors who have experienced the same thing. I know MANY of them. One I spoke to recently had this happen to her. When she replied and told the “fan” that her books would not be free, said “fan” called her a bitch. I have also been in groups where readers have claimed they no longer buy books at all because they can get them for free and that writers, especially Indie authors, ALWAYS have free books for the taking.


Who in their right mind will pay for milk when there are so many friggin’ cows just wandering around with signs around their necks stating, “My owner is a DumbAss! Take all the milk you want!”

Do you know what image you portray when you give away books? Do you have any idea what many authors and most readers think of when they see the words, “Download my book for FREE!!!”? They believe that you are such a bad writer that you have to give your work away because no one will pay for it. Is that true? If so, FIND ANOTHER PROFESSION. If it isn’t, then STOP selling yourself short, work your ass off like the rest of us do, and get the SALES you deserve! Stop being LAZY and looking for Easy Street.

“I didn’t know it would be this hard!”

Boo-hoo!!!! Did you really think you would write a story and it would skyrocket to the New York Times Best Seller list in a few months? Take a look around. There are MANY books out there. It is hard work to market and build up a fan-base. What you need to ask yourself is, Are You a Good Author??? Do you believe in your work enough to demand people pay for it? Personally, I would rather work myself to DEATH than to have readers and authors believe my books are so poorly written that I have to give them away in order to get a download.

No, I may not ever make the N.Y. Times Best Seller list. I may not ever become rich and famous. BUT, I can write books and I don’t have to give them away. I am not one of the nameless saps who are too lazy to get off their butts and work for what they want or can’t make a sale because they can’t string two sentences together. I am not one of the reasons that book sales are so low right now because my cow is wandering around with a “Don’t blame me! Kick my stupid owner instead!” sign around its neck. I am an author – one who respects herself and believes in her work. Which type are you? Do you add to the problem? Where the hell are your cows right now?




Twitter Trials

I must admit that Twitter is not my favorite social media site. In my opinion, it’s very impersonal. I prefer Facebook so at least I feel like I’m conversing with someone. Unfortunately, Twitter is a necessity when marketing and reaching readers. My only complaint is that there are SO many people on there who either don’t know what they’re doing or don’t give a happy crap.

Example One:

When someone retweets another, it is always nice to choose a tweet the author posted themselves, NOT something they RT (retweet) from someone else. I always try to choose original tweets when I RT someone. If I can’t find one (and yes, I will get to that in a second), then I simply send a tweet thanking them for their support. If someone RT’s your post and you don’t take the time to return that favor, it is rude. Trust me, that person who took the time to RT you won’t do it again. Do you have to RT those who RT you? No. Is it kind to do so? Yes. If you don’t repay the kindness they showed you, then don’t complain when your RTs slow to a trickle.

I know it’s not always possible to FIND an original post to RT  from the author. Goddess knows, this drives me insane! I don’t have time to wade through hours of tweets looking for one that the author posted. I’ve noticed those with programs like Roundtable tend to be the worst as these types of programs retweet for you. Here’s a hint: If you want someone to RT something posted by YOU, make sure you have something there for them to RT. If you expect tweeters to scroll continuously looking for a post you made, then you (at least as far as I’m concerned) are S-O-L. If I can’t find an original post after a few seconds of scrolling, then I send the “Thank You” tweet and I’m done. Sorry, but as much as I appreciate the time you took to support me (and I make sure to have original tweets available every hour to make this easy) my time is just as valuable as yours.

Example Two:

Now, I don’t mind supporting those who support me. I make sure to RT (or at least thank) every single person who does this for me. But, I will not RT trash. If you write erotica and you can’t post something that is clean and acceptable for public viewing, I will not RT you. I am an author of juvenile fantasy and YA paranormal. I have an image to uphold and that image does not include having smut on my Twitter page. Sorry. I have nothing against authors who write erotica but it is MY right to keep my page PG13 if I so choose. If this ticks you off I would advise against RTing me if you can’t compose a tweet that is not the equivalent to looking at a porn magazine. This also goes for graphic pictures.

Example Three:

It has been said that proper Twitter etiquette requires us to follow-back (FB) every person who follows us. Nope, not gonna happen. Why would I want to follow someone who does not interest me? Why would anyone want to follow someone they couldn’t care less about??? If you follow me and you have no description of who you are OR if your highest claim to fame is that you give great blow jobs, you won’t receive any love from me. I appreciate ALL my followers, even the ones who have no idea who I am nor care, but followed me anyway because so-and-so did. Just don’t expect every person you follow to return the favor and DON’T take it personally. I have people who unfollow me every day and I don’t worry about it. It’s their decision and right to do so. I find it so childish when people send rude messages to those who decide to unfollow them. Grow up.

So, those are my Twitter Trials. I hope this reaches people who may be guilty of these bad habits and are not aware of it. For those who read this post who are guilty of the above complaints and ARE aware of it, please stop. Social media, marketing, reaching readers, and making new friends is time-consuming all on its own. We don’t need morons making it worse.