#AutumnInAugust – Second Winner Announcement!



In my last #AutumnInAugust post, I asked everyone to submit pictures of the worst #Halloween costumes you could find. Unfortunately, there were only three entries. Still, that’s enough to choose a winner. :)

All of the entries made me laugh, and there’s no way I could choose just one, so I placed all the names in a bowl and had my hubby do the honors.

Congratulations to David Nelson!!! This is the picture David submitted. :)



David will receive a digital copy of one of my #books (his choice) and a $10 #Amazon gift certificate. :) David, please email me at grimsleyhollow@gmail.com with your email address and book preference.

My thanks to all who participated. Unfortunately, due to lack of interest, this will be the final #AutumnInAugust event. :( Maybe I’ll have better luck with entries next time.


#AutumnInAugust – Camping Fun and Games!

Now that we’ve devoured bowls of chili and stuffed our faces full of S’mores (see previous post here for chili recipe), let’s enjoy a game. :)

You can’t have autumn without #Halloween (it’s my favorite holiday – SQUEE!), and though I love the creative #costumes people come up with, some of them are less than brilliant.



See what I mean?

For my next #AutumnInAugust #contest, I want you to reply to this post with the worst Halloween costumes you can find. The winner (chosen at random) will receive a special #prize, which I will announce on August 18th. I look forward to seeing what you guys and gals dig up! No pun intended. 😉


Important Information – Please Read!



Dear friends,

I have come to a difficult decision that I didn’t want to make. Due to the rising costs of shipping, I am no longer able to send paperbacks and gifts outside the U.S. at this time. Unfortunately, there is no “media mail” option when shipping overseas or to Canada. It’s First Class or nothing, and that is $20+ to the U.K., Canada, Spain, France, and Bulgaria (these are the countries I’ve shipped to so far) via USPS.

I hope this is only temporary, and I will be able to ship to you all again in the future. If you live outside the U.S. and are willing to pay $20-$25 for shipping, I will gladly send you books, but I simply can’t afford it right now. If anyone knows of a cheaper option to mail paperbacks, please reply below. I am SO sorry to have to suspend shipping outside the U.S. I hope you understand and know I love ALL my readers. <3