ALL Innocent Lives Matter



This post may very well cost me some readers. Honesty has a power that very few people can handle – and I’m about to be honest.

Since #CecilTheLion was killed, I’ve seen posts on social media by African-Americans and white people alike claiming there has been too much attention given to an “animal,” and not enough given to the loss of black lives.


Yes, they do, but guess what? ALL innocent lives matter!

It’s almost as if we should ONLY care about the loss of black lives. Nothing else. And, if we do, we’re condemned for it.

“The next time I go out, I’m gone put on an animal costume so if I die, white people will care.”

Yes, this is a post I saw on Facebook. Really? Frankly, twatwaffles like this make me sick. There’s so much wrong with our world today. People and animals are starving, homeless, sick, abused, yet YOUR plight is the only one that deserves attention? It’s that exact ME, ME, ME! mentality that got our country – heck, the entire world – into the mess we’re in now. Not many people care about others, including wildlife and nature. There are over 7 billion people on this planet. None of them were born entitled to anything.

Get over yourself.

ALL innocent life matters.

I try to love everyone. I try to help as many people as I’m capable of. WE ALL COUNT. No one is better than anyone else, and children and animals are the only real innocent beings.

If you’re one of those whining about the fact that people care more about an innocent animal’s death than YOU, then you’re part of the damned problem in this world, and I don’t give a happy crap what color you are. How can you expect people to care about and invest in your problems when you’re too selfish to care about others???

Wise up.

Cover Reveal: Lorelai, You’ll Never Die


Dryden House Publishing Presents…

Lorelai Cover

Lorelai is a woman with many stories to tell.
She was just a promiscuous secretary at the county evidence locker. But all that changed with the apocalypse.
She found herself alone and wandering the country in search of something, she just wasn’t sure what. She came across many different types of people along the way, some freaks and some who are just like her trying to survive. Her adventures forced her to adapt in ways she never thought she could, made her feel in ways she never thought she would.
In the apocalypse you either learn to adapt or you die…

Release Date: August 20, 2015
Goodreads Link:

church pew

About the Author:

laura konrad

Laura Conrad is a 22-year-old writer from Canada who loves science fiction and apocalyptic stories. Her first book was published with The Dryden Experiment – a set of stories illustrated by Danielle Evert. When not writing, she reads books for inspiration.

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Help Move Ray!




A while back, I had a GoFundMe page to help with some dental expenses. I haven’t shared it in over a month because, frankly, it didn’t help. Thankfully, a Guardian Angel in the form of a dear friend was there for me.

My point is that I know what’s it’s like to need help.

Meet my new friend, Ray. He is suffering from a brain injury and other medical conditions and was, until recently, sleeping in a Chevy Blazer. Thankfully, through donations in a GoFundMe campaign, he has finally been able to move into an apartment set up for those with disabilities.

But he’s still in need.

Ray is sleeping on the floor. He needs a bed, furniture, and household supplies. He needs a job where he can work from home. He needs to know people care for others and are willing to give a few bucks in time of need. He needs YOU.

To read Ray’s story, click the link below. If you can spare anything – even a dollar or two – that’s more than Ray had before you read this post. Thank you!

To “Help Move Ray,”, please click below!